Our goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality products by assuring their taste, consistency, safety and value. This commitment is firmly rooted in our belief & value system and is essential to our continued growth & success.

We source premium quality raw materials direct from the source. Chana Dal & Groundnut are procured from Rajasthan, Spices from South India and Refined Oils from the best millers. Some of the key aspects of our product testing policy:

  • Only those raw materials that pass through our stringent 21-test methodology make way into the production
  • On-the-line quality assessment so that no batch goes wrong
  • Physical inspection of all the preparation by our quality testers
  • Chemical testing that adheres to the standards laid down by FSSAI
  • Packaged products undergo one last step of physical verification

Quality Certifications

Our preparations are 100% pure and never adulterated. Unlike some other manufacturers, we never add artificial chemicals to enhance product quality. Our packaging ensures that the flavour is sealed-in and does not weaken over time. The result is full flavour and aroma when our snacks reach YOU!